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When should you redesign your kitchen
The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, especially if you prefer those delicious home meals. But keeping the kitchen clean and organised all the time can be a hustle if all your dishes and appliances tend to be left on the table or in the sink, rather than having their proper place in the kitchen cabinetsSurely you can relate with those lazy evenings when you feel it is agony to clear the kitchen, but insufficient storage space shouldn’t be a problem.
Here are 5 signs that help to decide if it’s time to redesign your kitchen:
1. Nothing fits anymore
    You have gone a little wild with the shopping, but the cabinet space seem to somehow shrink with the years.
2. Damage beyond repair
    Nothing lasts forever, but if you notice that the kitchen cabinetry  has a frame that is rotted, has been water damaged or is covered with mold you should seriously do something about this.
3. It smells
      You can’t ignore the funky, musty, or downright bad and that smell goes into your cereals, biscuits and everything else.
4. It simply does not work
    If the cabinet drawer is hard to access or it easily gets stuck and cooking is not a pleasure anymore you should consider either serious repairs or simply another cabinetry.
5. You need a change
    Changes are good – no matter if you want to completely change the layout of the kitchen of do minor changes you must be sure you’ll love the result.

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