8″ x 4 1/2″ Furniture Base

Furniture Molding 4 1/2 ” high x 96″ onlg


Product Description


Furniture Base molding is decorative molding used in various ways.

It can be used for base molding is completing the look of an island or peninsula to avoid having just a panel sitting flat on the ground.

Base molding will give an island a more ‘furniture like’ feel.

This type of molding is great to apply on all sides and flush to the toe space to create one continuous piece.

Base molding can also be used as a way to create a ‘table ledge’ between base cabinets or decorative posts.

It is installed upside down so that the profile edge is facing down.

This creates a decorative look, while also adding more support for your countertop overhang.

Base molding can be used as a way to create a ‘rise’ for crown molding in order to bring it flush to the ceiling.

Additional Information

Dimensions 8 × 412 in


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