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39/42″ x 34 1/2″ x 24″ Blind Base Cabinets

Base blind corner cabinet 39″ to 42″wide x 34-1/2″ high x 24″ deep with 1 door, 1 drawer and 1 shelf. Recommended space: 42-45″. Can be used as left or right, requires 3″wide base filler (not included)


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Base blind cabinets are used in the kitchen to extend the amount of available storage space.

They are specially designed to fit in the corners of kitchen walls, which are a typically areas of wasted space.

A base blind corner cabinet has only one door that opens to expose the full storage space beneath the countertop.

Base corner cabinets allow cabinets to extend along adjoining kitchen walls.

Instead of wasting the storage space that a corner can offer, a base diagonal corner cabinet will allow homeowners to store pots, pans or pantry items beneath the counter

Additional Information

Dimensions 24 × 3942 × 3412 in


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