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33″ x 84″ x 24″ Oven Cabinets

Double oven cabinet 33″ wide x 84″ high x 24″ deep with 2 doors on top and 1 drawer on bottom. Oven opening is 30″ wide, inside part is 28-1/2″ wide. Cabinet comes with 43 1/2″ high opening, maximum opening height is 59″.


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An oven cabinet is the term used to describe a method for including the oven in a cabinetry run.

The look of an oven cabinet is a great overall aesthetic of the kitchen, but there are definite precautions that must be taken due to the size.

Each particular oven and oven cabinet situations will require some specific considerations regarding placement and usability, but there are a few universal concerns.

Consult the manufacturer’s guide that was included with the oven to select the appropriate thickness of shielding and wood for the enclosure.

Ovens are usually the least used tool in the cooking triangle, so placement at a spot outside the work triangle may be functionally appropriate.

Oven cabinets can look appealing when they are aligned next to a tall cabinet or appliance like a refrigerator or pantry.

However, the height of the cabinet does have a parameter related to safe removal that will create some limitation to its location, but it is nothing that one would not expect.

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Dimensions 24 × 33 × 84 in


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