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30 Inch - 60 Inch Hi-Riser Wall-Mount Custom Range Hood
30 Inch - 60 Inch Hi-Riser Wall-Mount Custom Range Hood30 Inch - 60 Inch Hi-Riser Wall-Mount Custom Range Hood30 Inch - 60 Inch Hi-Riser Wall-Mount Custom Range Hood

30 Inch – 60 Inch Hi-Riser Wall-Mount Custom Range Hood

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Hi-Riser Standard

Don’t let the simplistically straight lines of their Hi-Riser Range Hoods fool you! This line is designed for visual appeal and functionality to enhance the look of your room while efficiently handling your kitchen ventilation needs. This is the Hi-Riser family of range hoods. Designed from materials such as Copper, Brass, or Stainless Steel or acombination of any of these materials in Mirror or Antique finishes. Available with their super quiet internal Fan or for use with a remote Fan. Patented “MICRO” baffle filters and halogen lights are standard.

Form and Function are incorporated in all of their hoods. Whether mounted on a wall or over an island, all hoods are available to service the location of your range. Select from their many existing designs or create your own innovative design.

All models incorporate their super quiet internal fan or for use with a remote fan.

Select 600 CFM or 1,200 CFM interior blowers mounted in the hood.

Patented “MICRO” baffle filters and halogen lights are standard.

On/Off light switches are standard.

Dimmers or variable switches are available at an additional cost.Finishes

Design Excellence along with Superior Craftsmanship is what separates RangeCraft Range Hoods from all the other brands. RangeCraft offers a wide selection of metals and finishes to make each and every hood unique. Their most popular choices – copper, brass and stainless steel – are standard. However, they can customize variations of these metals to complement your particular design. Decorative color matching is another option… just give them a color sample to match your kitchen design. Create that “Old World” look and feel with hammered copper featuring decorative rivets and bands. Or, mix and match different metals to create a look that is truly custom.Features

Every made-to-order RangeCraft Hood comes standard with Lights, Filters, Fans and Switches. The lights are Halogen and produce the brightest light for you to control your meals in the pots and pans.

Recently, RangeCraft developed new and improved filters. They are made of all Stainless Steel and set into a stainless steel frame so that they can never clog up and can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher. The main features of the new development are:

Controlled airflow through the filters mean less static pressure and less wind noise pollution.

Special design baffles mean higher grease separation and no clogging up like antiquated mesh filters.

The new filters are standard with every RangeCraft Hood.

For years RangeCraft fans have set industry standards for their low noise level. Motor noise well below 60 dB at full 600 CFM means that the fans are very quiet.

In a multiple fan installation the RangeCraft Hood can have an installed power of e.g. 2,700 CFM, nearly double the amount of the most commonly used external fans at a much lower noise level.

(For exhaust volumes of more than 1,200 CFM make-up air should be part of the airflow planning. RangeCraft will provide different configurations of make-up air in their hoods).

Standard switches for the lights are on/off. Dimmers are available at an extra cost. For the fans a 2 speed system (low/high) is standard. An optional 3 speed (low/medium/high) switch is available at an extra cost.Range Hoods Made To Order In Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel and Decorator Colors

The kitchen is the heart of the home where friends and family prepare meals, relax and spend time together. Since the kitchen is such a focal point of every home, shouldn’t it be decorated to fit your personal style and be just as beautiful as the rest of your living area Rangecraft hoods remove unwanted cooking smoke and vapors quickly and quietly. RangeCraft range hoods become the focal point of the kitchen and are often referred to as “jewelry in the kitchen”.

Since 1972, RangeCraft has been a leading industry manufacturer of high quality, custom designed metal range hoods. RangeCraft’s Made To Order Hoods are available in over 25 product categories in a variety of shapes and sizes in copper, brass, stainless steel and decorator colors. Decorative bands and rivets and pot rails can be added to dress up the range hood. RangeCraft also offers universal inserts for wood hoods for kitchen ventilation. They can also create and manufacture a custom range hood designed just for you!

Each Rangecraft hood is made one at a time, with superior craftsmanship and the highest quality standards that RangeCraft is well known for. At RangeCraft, they specialize in individual orders, either standard designs or custom made to your design ideas. RangeCraft range hoods are made to order by trained artisans right in their own factory here in the United States. They are manufactured with powerful quiet fans, exquisite finishing detail and complete attention to crating for delivery direct to you, your designer or contractor.


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