24″ x 96″ x 3″ End Panels

Base End Panel 3″ wide x 96″ x 24″ deep


Product Description


An end panel is the decorative surface piece used to make the exposed end of a base or top cabinet run look more appealing.

Since many cabinets terminate at a doorway or kitchen entrance at which a there is no wall to conceal the rough substrate of the cabinets frame or sides, the end panel is a simple way of concealing this area without altering the actual construction of the cabinet piece.

End panels typically do not have a functional or structural purpose since they are added to cabinetry after it is prefabricated.

When matching the end panel, it will need to be manufactured to dimensions that will conceal the interior secrets of the cabinetry’s construction.

The incorporation of base moldings or corbels used throughout the cabinetry should be incorporated in the end panel’s design to complete the overall look.

Additional Information

Dimensions 3 × 24 × 96 in


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