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11″ x 25″ Sample Doors Decorative End Panels

Simple Door 11″ wide x 25″ high

$59.00 $23.60

Product Description

Decorative doors are doors that do not open.

Decorative doors are doors that are used for aesthetic purposes, and they do not allow access to any storage areas.

They are often used on cabinets on the sides to give it a more complete look than just a panel.

They are an ornamental addition to the storage areas of many interior rooms, including bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

Decorative doors are often used on end cabinets, and they are frequently featured on the back sides of kitchen islands to hide the plain paneling.

The purpose of a decorative door is to continue the aesthetic appeal of the cabinets without interfering with the structure of the cabinet.

Decorative doors are available in many of the same moldings and features as traditional cabinets.

This makes it easy for homeowners to add decorative doors to their cabinets without worrying that the doors will look unnatural or out of place.

Additional Information

Dimensions 11 × 25 in


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