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Today’s remodeling projects are no longer limited to the kitchen or bathroom.  More and more homeowners are focusing on improving other areas of the home, like foyers, laundry rooms, and basements to name just a few.  Whether it be for space, beauty or comfort, much thought and planning is spent on these of the home as well.


At The Cabinet World we’ve helped many homeowners improve their living spaces beyond just the bathroom and kitchen.  Sure, cabinets are our specialty but we have countless design ideas for other rooms to work, play and relax in.


A Basement can do more than just store your old unwanted stuff in your home; they are great areas for multi-tasking.  Whether it be a bar for entertaining guests, a man cave, or a quiet workspace; the basement can function as a jack of all trades.  Cabinetry and decor can work to provide storage or separation in a basement’s expansive space.

Whatever your need for a new room, bar for entertaining or just want to create some storage space in your home, The Cabinet World can create a space to perfectly suit your styleContact us to consult a member of our design team to get your project started today!


Office Spaces

Recent years have seen less need for a dedicated room in the home to accommodate an office.  Going paperless and wireless has eliminated much of the need for office storage space.  Now office spaces can be tucked away into kitchens, or nooks in the home.  Many choose to carve out an area of their kitchen as a central work zone for laptops and all things wireless. Or a place to keep an eye on your kids while they do the homework


Foyers & Laundry Rooms

Foyers and laundry rooms have also served as extensions of the kitchen, achievable by continuing its design for a great look and lots of storage.  Cabinetry is a great way to provide a clean and useful area that ties together the laundry to the mud room.  Laundry rooms are no longer hidden but highlighted with creative uses for storage and space saving ideas through the use of cabinetry.


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